Skyline Benidorm Film Festival presents inclusive innovations at FITUR for this edition of the Festival

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Madrid, January 24, 2024 – Today, within the framework of the International Tourism Fair (FITUR), Beatriz Hernández, director of Skyline Benidorm Film Festival, accompanied by Ana Pellicer, first deputy mayor of Benidorm, presented the festival’s novelties, marking a milestone in terms of accessibility.

The official presentation took place at 13:30h in the Valencian Community space within FITUR, where the pioneering initiative called “Cinema for All” was announced. This proposal aims to promote the inclusion of people with visual disabilities, collaborating closely with ONCE.


Commitment to Inclusivity and Accessibility: “Cinema for All”

Beatriz Hernández, festival director, expressed her commitment to accessibility in the field of culture: “We believe it is important to understand the needs of people with disabilities and raise awareness in society about the value of making any type of activity accessible to everyone.” She emphasized the importance of addressing accessibility from the beginning of the project and not as a later measure to ensure optimal results. “We have a product that is a film festival, so we asked ourselves, why not make this product accessible to everyone?” Regarding the “Cinema for All” sessions, Hernández stated: “We not only improve the quality of life for people with disabilities but also ensure that a broader audience reaches the cinema halls.”

“It is not a coincidence,” emphasized Ana Pellicer, “that within this festival, there is a new section dedicated to inclusion, to making ‘Cinema for All’ as its name implies, and therefore, culture accessible to everyone.”


Positive Impact on Society and Adapted Cultural Tourism

The festival highlights its intention to make Skyline Benidorm Film Festival a benchmark for adapted cultural tourism in Spain, attracting more tourists, especially from the Valencian Community. It was detailed that by promoting accessible activities, the festival becomes suitable for any audience, improving the quality of life for people with disabilities and expanding the audience. Collaboration with ONCE in Benidorm for screenings with audio descriptions and adapted activities was also mentioned.

The first deputy mayor, Ana Pellicer, emphasized that, during this first day of FITUR, “the importance given to inclusion and accessibility within the tourism sector and destinations has been demonstrated.”


Social and Cultural Commitment: Diversity and Creativity

Skyline Benidorm Film Festival has established itself in seven editions as a reference project in the national film industry. The director highlighted the commitment to diversity, creativity, and the pursuit of excellence by integrating the voices of industry professionals. Beatriz Hernández concluded: “Everyone who supports this project contributes to the dissemination of cultural and social values.

Skyline Benidorm Film Festival is a brand committed to cultural outreach and social responsibility.” Pellicer emphasized the value of this festival, which will take place from April 13 to 20, “growing and consolidating a bit more with each edition as a benchmark in the short film sector,” while “continuing to work year after year to offer innovations and expand its offerings.”

The presentation received a positive response, solidifying Skyline Benidorm Film Festival’s position as a reference in the national film industry. The “Cinema for All” initiative reflects the festival’s continuous commitment to diversity, creativity, and excellence, driving the growth of the short film industry.

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