Social Section

Short films selected in the Social Section

Below you can consult the Social Section of Skyline Benidorm Film Festival 2022.


2020. SPAIN

They have come this far and now they will have to face the last test.


2021. SPAIN

Marta has been promoted to a position of great responsibility at her job, but she soon notices that something is wrong with her partner.


2020. SPAIN

Life is summed up in images and Julia is a woman who, looking in the mirror, remembers the hard road she has had to travel.


2021. SPAIN

Rita is a little influencer with a very bad idea, she goes into the forest with her mother’s mobile phone and loses sight of her and while NESA is looking for RITA through a maze of paths in the forest, she also loses herself. The howls of a great animal echo throughout the forest.


2020. SPAIN

Aina, 34, is a widowed woman with a troublesome son. After the death of her husband due to a traffic accident, at the same time, she tries to rebuild her life with another person, but her son, not understanding the situation, will complicate her days by pushing her to the limits, which together with economic problems and a job that is consuming her, they will make her ask herself the following question: Dance life or die walking?


2021. SPAIN

The theory of natural selection says that only those who adapt can survive. What if we humans have become stupid?


2022. SPAIN

Oliver finds a photograph buried on the beach. Behind that photo is the story of human beings who sacrifice their lives every day in pursuit of a dream. One of them is Zama.