European Section

Short films selected for the European Section 2024

Below you can consult the European Official Selection of Skyline Benidorm Film Festival 2024.


2023. France

Alban, a regular man in his early thirties, starts his new job at a company. He discovers that the copy room is a magical place: every object that falls on the floor duplicates itself. What he doesn’t know is that nothing is lost, nothing is created… everything is transformed!


2023. France

Guy, a passionate pianist dedicated to his music, sees his life turned upside down when the church where he performs welcomes a mysterious girl. A true piano virtuoso, the prodigy girl quickly steals the show. Thus begins a duel of egos.

hardly working

2022. Austria

An ethnographic exploration of the work and life realities of non-player characters, the digital extras in video games. Their work cycles, activity patterns, as well as errors and malfunctions, paint a vivid analogy for labor under capitalism.

Six Years Three Months And Twelve Days

2023. Switzerland

In an elegant villa, Paul and Anna conduct an interview with Mirella, who is applying for a domestic position. During the conversation, Mirella reveals a surprising connection with Paul, leading to a profound reflection on their past and the theme of integration.

Stück für Stück

2023. Austria

As two teenage friends stroll through the neighborhood, they simply want to spend time together, but gradually new perspectives are revealed.



2023. United Kingdom

In the countryside of Iron Age Britain, teenage Georgia makes the unwise decision to seek revenge on the dragon that torched her home and killed her mother; however, her mission is stalled when she unexpectedly discovers a scaly child in the beast’s lair.