Young Filmmakers Section

Short films selected for the Young Filmmakers 2023 Section

Below you can consult the Young Filmmakers Section of Skyline Benidorm Film Festival 2023.


2022. SPAIN

Everything that the palmeros and palmeras had experienced during the 85 days and 8 hours that the eruption lasted.

Asko Falta Da?

2022. SPAIN

A girl goes to spend the weekend with a group of young people. Overnight, everything will change.


2022. SPAIN

Max, a stuttering and shy 12-year-old boy, decides to take the opportunity to sing a carol in front of his family at Christmas dinner to win his father’s affection. But he won’t make it easy for him.

Miña Nena

2022. SPAIN

Galicia, spring 1968. Iria returns from school, collecting small treasures along the way. Her grandmother is waiting for her at home with two strangers. They are her parents, who have returned from emigration.


2022. SPAIN

CHICO’s nightmares come back after a while, every night the same dream repeats itself: him in a bathtub, in complete solitude while he is bleeding to death. Today, however, it ended up different…

An internal struggle in the face of skin insecurities, love and fears.


2022. SPAIN

Joy is a girl with serious self-esteem problems, she lives tormented by the reality she perceives from her friends through social networks, to the point of seeing suicide as the only way out.


2023. SPAIN

Juana prepares a paella as she does every Sunday surrounded by her family. The news of her husband Pepe’s retirement turns one more celebration into a heavy burden.

Vivir dos veces

2022. SPAIN

There are anonymous heroes and examples of overcoming obstacles everywhere, they just need to be discovered. Living Twice is a short documentary film that tells the story of Miguel Ángel Fernández, who had to learn to live his second life after a fatal accident.