Iberoamerican Section

Selected short films in the Iberoamerican Section 2023

Below you can consult the Iberoamerican Section of Skyline Benidorm Film Festival 2023.

Cadê Heleny?

2022. Brazil, Spain

Heleny Guariba, philosopher, teacher and theater director disappeared in 1971 under the Brazilian military dictatorship. The embroidered and animated memoirs of those who knew her reveal what words could not tell.

El aniversario

2022. Brazil, Cuba

Clara, a woman in her sixties, spends her whole day looking for a special cake for her grandson’s birthday. She tells everyone she meets or asks about the preparations for the party. When she returns home with the cake, we discover that no one lives with her and that the search has only been a pretext to avoid feeling the absence.

Estrellas del desierto

2022. Chile

In the middle of the Atacama Desert, Antay (12) sees his village disappearing in the face of drought. Together with his friends and his small soccer team, they will try to hold on to the last rays of sunshine, the fragments of his childhood and the bonds of those who still resist.

Los pies fríos

2022. Spain

Once upon a time there was a father and a little girl who lived happily together. It could be a fairy tale, but it is not: the girl is going to die and her father will do whatever it takes not to lose the only thing that gives meaning to his life. Even kill someone.

Todos los inscritos de Ness

2022. Brazil

Ness (10) is a happy boy who produces for his Internet channel with only 4 subscribers. However, everything starts to change when his best friend, before long, begins to have more followers. Ness finds himself in doubt about himself and sets out on a quest for acceptance.

Original Copy

2022. Spain

Valeria Vilchez, a young and talented Peruvian pianist, is offered the job of her dreams with a renowned orchestra in Madrid. Only one thing stands in her way: the Kafkaesque process of obtaining her residency permit. Although her request is legitimate, she is forced to go through paradoxical situations to achieve it.