Ibero-American Section

Short films selected in the Ibero-American Section

Below you can consult the Ibero-American Section of Skyline Benidorm Film Festival 2022.


2021. Chile

An old woman wakes up alone in her room in the morning. Suddenly, the place begins to come to life, showing him spaces from the past through images full of pain and innocence. An experimental short film in stop motion, which travels through the emotional scenarios of a woman in the last moments of her life.

footsteps on the wind

2021. BRASIL

Footsteps on the Wind follows Noor and her little brother Josef, orphaned due to a devastating earthquake, as they travel far from home.


2021. Chile

Mti (29) a Haitian immigrant, after having saved for years during his stay in Chile, must return with his wife and daughter to Haiti. However, his plans will be cut short by the unexpected theft of his savings.


2021. Chile

A couple goes to design their first child at a gene editing clinic, hoping that the child will achieve the successful and happy life that they have not been able to have.