Official National Section

Short films selected for the National Official Selection

Below you can consult the National Official Selection of Skyline Benidorm Film Festival 2023.


2022. Spain

Mara builds an illusion to try to overcome a traumatic event that changed her life forever, forcing her to live with her worst monsters.


2022. Spain

A sick mare and a dependent woman test Jaime, a mare farmer from a small village in Navarra, who must face his own ghosts.


2022. Spain

Tula is in charge of cleaning the bathrooms of a girls’ school. Her day is disrupted when the headmistress’ fourteen-year-old daughter confesses to her that she is pregnant.

Plastic Killer

2022. Spain

Amparo de Dios lives in an old abandoned family haberdashery in the center of Madrid with the only company of Carmela, a plastic bag whom she considers her daughter.

Sisè Primera

2023. Spain

Fina is the owner of a block of apartments in the Eixample district of Barcelona. She has put one of her apartments up for rent and has arranged a visit with several potential tenants. Will they all have the same opportunities?


2023. Spain

Tonight will be the first time Jaume, a city guard in a provincial town, will eat sushi. And it will also be the first time, and probably the last, that he will share a few hours with his biological son, Betu, a young man who will soon become a father.

Paris 70

2023. Spain

Jan’s life suddenly changes when Angela, his mother, becomes ill with Alzheimer’s disease. He must take care of her and test his commitment and endurance. Every day she asks him about his father, but when she learns that he died some time ago, she becomes sad and has a hard time. Is there an alternative so that his mother does not suffer?


2023. Spain

Every day, Marisa observes that house from the street: the building, the balcony, the life that goes on behind the window. One day Marisa decides to do what she was not allowed to do: say goodbye.


2022. Spain

October 17, 1986. Big day, the president of the International Olympic Committee will announce the city that will host the 1992 Olympic Games. The day of joy for Barcelona will become for Carmen the day “after”. The world will no longer be a safe place.

A Rabia

2022. Spain

Filomena’s life is tinged with poverty and a sad shadow of calamity and torment. The terrible events of her childhood, in a Galician village at the end of the 19th century, will mark the character of her existence. In spite of everything, will she have a chance to change her destiny?

Cuentas Divinas

2022. Spain

Monica is a normal woman with a normal life in a normal place in these modern times. However, one fine day, because of an unimportant detail that could have been solved as any other previous disagreement, she kills her husband. Thus she discovers crime as a substitute for anxiolytics, the liberation from all moralism.


2023. Spain

Jaime and Rocío are a married couple settled in routine, the passion between them has long since disappeared. They never talk about it openly, they have never been able to face reality. One night like any other, they fall asleep and start dreaming. Then they will have to face the truth that they are not able to face.

Cosas de Chicos

2022. Spain

The 1990s. Summer begins on the outskirts of a sunny rural town. Marta, a cheerful and innocent 12-year-old girl, enjoys playing soccer with her friends, swimming in the river, riding her bike and building the same cabin as every year.

Dios te salve María

2022. Spain

Alicante, year 1939. In the last moments of the Civil War, in the midst of the massacre and terror, the Air Raid Shelters became the safest place to save the lives of thousands of people during the bombings.


2022. Spain

Sergio and Elena are a happy couple. One night, Elena starts talking and acting strangely. The next day, the two take it as a joke.
Things start to get complicated when Heleno shows up in their life.

El pensamiento Mágico

2022. Spain

Despite the disconcerting reality in which he grows up, for Pablo every day is an opportunity to discover the world and understand it in his own way.

Cuando crece la hierba

2022. Spain

To question is to grow. Because not everything is easy to understand… even when you’ve grown up.

Dear Michael

2022. Spain

On June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson died in Los Angeles. Ten years later, filmmaker Marcos Cabotá writes him a letter to tell him everything he could not in life.


2022. Spain, UK

As the transport crisis grows in the UK, Lisa, a truck driver and writer, dreams of escaping reality. The cab of her truck and the constant road trip will give her access to an out-of-this-world imagination.


2022. Spain

For more than 15 years, Rafa has been bedridden with his mother who takes care of him day and night. He spends his time composing hardcore music and listening to videos about Taoism. For the last few years the pain has been so unbearable that Rafa is seriously thinking of asking for assisted death.

Diari D´un operador Cinematogràfic

2022. Spain

This is the story of my grandfather, Tiago Florit, who for 50 years was a film operator at the Teatro Principal in Mahón, Menorca.

A true love story of cinema.


2022. Spain

Mother and Daughter are bound for life by an eternal bond that heals and wounds, and which is perpetuated when Daughter becomes Mother.

Sandwich cat

2022. Spain

Just another day. David is lying on the couch watching his favorite series: a Christian fantasy, while Sandwich Cat does his thing.


2022. Spain

New to 21st century co-living, three young friends face the challenge of paying the rent each month.

Kafka´s doll

2022. Spain, Portugal

Inspired by an unproven myth, Kafka’s Doll is a short animated film that blends fact, fiction, fantasy and myth into a single poignant story about loss.