Exhibitions and Side Activities

Urban Art Spaces Exhibition

Poster exhibition, in the city of Benidorm, of the short films that will compete in the fifth edition of Skyline Benidorm Film Festival.

From June 25 to July 4, 2021, at Espais d´Art Los Carrascos, Poniente, Els Tolls y Plaza de la Hispanidad.

Exhibition 'Illustrated Cinema' by Cristina Polop and David Despau

Exhibition composed of 20 works by Cristina Polop and David Despau, film illustrators.

From June 25 to July 4, 2021, at the Benidorm Town Hall.

Opening Film: Things to do before you die

On Saturday, June 26, at 7:30 p.m. The film ‘Things to do before you die‘ will be screened at IMF Finestrat cinemas.

Access will be free until full capacity is reached, prior reservation at info@skylinefest.es

SYNOPSIS: A group of friends in their thirties are struck by the death of Sam, the youngest of them all. After the funeral they must fulfill their last wish: a peculiar game that will bring fears, desires, prejudices and hidden secrets to the table.

Direction: Cristina Fernández Pintado, Miguel Llorens
Cast: Sergio Caballero, Oriol Tarrasón, Manuel Maestro, Àngel Fígols, Mireia Pérez, Vanessa Cano, Cristina Fernández Pintado …

SPAIN. 2020. COLOR. 103 ‘.

Screening of the films: "Se vende un tranvía” y "La muerte y el leñador”

Se vende un tranvía  it is a very rare film in Berlanga’s filmography, because it was not directed by him. However, it is evident that he is the true author who lingers behind every decision, staging, casting. In addition, it so happens that ASe vende un tranvía  is one of the most important films in Berlanga’s career, because that is where his collaboration with Rafael Azcona began. From that film, Berlanga’s theme will go from being the portrait of a community to the blackness and unreason of the average man, who has dreams beyond his possibilities. From the projection we will see how Berlanga radically changes his themes and his staging.

Saturday, July 3, at 11am. Benidorm City Hall Assembly Hall

Berlanga-Azcona: The failure of the common man

Conference given by Luis E. Parés.

Luis E. Parés (Madrid, 1982) is a historian and documentarian. He studied Audiovisual Communication at the Complutense University of Madrid and the Master of Creation Documentary at the Pompeu Fabra University. He has published the books Notes sur l ’emigration-Espagne 1960. Apunts per a film invisible and Filming the exile from France. He has worked for six years in the Programming Department of the Spanish Film Library. He currently sits on the Cayman Editorial Board. Cuadernos de cine, from the programming committee of the Seville International Film Festival and he is the coordinator of the RTVE program, Historia de Nuestro cine. He was a screenwriter for El Futuro (Luis López Carrasco, 2013). He has just made his first fiction short film, Los conspiradores, and he is in the process of editing his first feature film, La primera vistas.

Saturday, July 3, at 11am. Benidorm City Hall Assembly Hall

Young animated documentary script workshop

Do we know how to make up stories? Do we even know how to tell real stories that have happened to us? In the “animated documentary young script workshop“, Taught by Emilio Martí, we will look for the best ways to narrate personal experiences with the power and scope that cinematographic animation gives.

Free activity aimed at all those who want to get started in script writing.

Send your data to: info@skylinefest.es indicating which workshop / s you want to register for.