Activities for students

Skyline Benidorm Film Festival and the students

Young people play a leading role with educational and leisure activities aimed at enhancing their creativity and helping them to better know and understand the language of cinema, for this reason, the organization of the Skyline Benidorm Film Festival has programmed various activities aimed at young people with cinema as a protagonist.

Workshop on Cinema and Social Networks

Taught by Bea Martínez. Cultural Manager and director of the Proyecta contest (4 editions) cultural, educational and leisure event aimed at young people, children and the educational environment with the aim of promoting audiovisual literacy and critical judgment through the audiovisual medium, giving special value to audiovisual content nationals. With the support of Antonio L. Calvo pedagogue.

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  • Foster a critical spirit in young people about what they see and read in RR.SS.
  • Know the different uses that are given to Social Media
  • Know how to distinguish what is acceptable in Social Media. and what not.
  • Provide students with strategies to face conflict in Social Media.
  • Distinguish between fiction or reality content that is posted on Social Media.


  • Ways to face conflict in Social Media.
    Advertising campaigns on Social Media.
  • Appropriate ways to behave on Social Media.
  • Inappropriate content that appears on Social Media.
  • Critical judgment as a form of analysis of Social Media.
  • Use of Social Media.
    Fiction and reality content.


  1. Screening of the short film “Spyglass”. Explanation of fiction and non-fiction content.
  2. Steps and elements to take into account to create an advertising campaign on IG.
  3. Establish a debate on what is or is not appropriate to do at IG to foster a critical spirit.
  4. Create a promotional campaign at the temporary level of the creative process of the production of audiovisual content.


Documovil is a workshop that takes place in secondary schools in Benidorm, whose main purpose is to prevent unequal relationships between young students, which often lead to sexist and violent behaviors (both verbal and physical) .

Starting from a theoretical-practical reflection, it aims to promote interpersonal relationships based on equality and invite students to reflect on the inequalities that surround them (in the public and private sphere of their lives), thus fostering a critical vision of normalized patriarchal values. in our society.

The final result of this workshop is the production of five short documentaries, less than four minutes long, which will be exhibited during the celebration of the festival, and to which the attending public will have access.

Screening of the short films made during Documovil.

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Young animated documentary script workshop

Do we know how to make up stories? Do we even know how to tell real stories that have happened to us? In the “animated documentary young script workshop“, Taught by Emilio Martí, we will look for the best ways to narrate personal experiences with the power and scope that cinematographic animation gives.

Free activity aimed at all those who want to get started in script writing.

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Short films selected in the Student Section

Below you can consult the Student Section of Skyline Benidorm Film Festival 2021.


2020. Spain

Refugee after the accident that ended her mother’s life, she lives absorbed in the belief that her brother will kill her at any moment.

after the final

2021. Spain

547 days have passed since the zombie apocalypse. Ángel and Olga try to survive one more day, but food supplies begin to run low.

Walk with me

2019. Spain

From the moment we are born, they label us and separate us. But if we come together and support each other, it will be easier to choose our own path.


2018. Spain

Lola, a 70-year-old housewife is cooking like every day, when her husband, a mischievous and macho man, addresses her in a bad way demanding her beer. She, after endless years enduring the same treatment, is fed up and reveals herself, refusing to serve him. This triggers an angry discussion that will lead to a fatal outcome.


2020. Spain

Story of a teenage couple, inside a bathroom, during a pregnancy test.


2020. Spain

Year 2082. Autumn and spring no longer exist. Climate change has made Earth a very difficult place to live. But one day, the girl engineer, built a ship based on electronic waste and she along with other colleagues began an expedition to Planet B.