Iberoamerican Section

Selected short films in the Iberoamerican Section 2024

Below you can consult the Iberoamerican Section of Skyline Benidorm Film Festival 2024.

Before you leave

2022. Chile

Daniel and his best friend Franco go camping in Patagonia, but when they accidentally drop their backpack and tent down a ravine, they are forced to seek shelter. The friends manage to break into an empty cabin as they celebrate their last days before the start of university separates them. Daniel still hasn’t confessed his feelings to Franco, and the next day he wakes up alone, searching for Franco only to find him in the middle of the field with a twisted ankle and the backpack they had given up for lost.

Quarter of an hour

2023. Chile

Alex (25), a young Haitian resident in Chile, has a car accident while on his workday delivering newspapers. With a false identity and the inability to speak Spanish, he must face the firefighters’ rescue, only to later get into an ambulance where his only solution is presented by Daniela (50), a passerby who speaks French.

He, behind the weapon

2023. Mexico

During the dystopian chaos of protests against police abuse, Marcos, a former graffiti artist turned security guard to support his family, decides to skip work to see his old friends, longing for his youth. Meanwhile, his brother Samuel, a university student participating in the protests, ignores Marcos’s warnings about the danger and goes out to fight.

Hole in Two

2023. Mexico

In an innocent mishap during a picnic, Emiliano accidentally strikes Diego, his mother’s boyfriend, with a golf club, resulting in the loss of Diego’s right eye as a consequence of the accident.


2023. Cuba

In a dystopian setting, a woman relives a painful event over and over again, attempting to resolve it.


2023. Cuba

Una mujer, en un contexto distópico, revive un evento doloroso una y
otra vez, intentando resolverlo.