Young Filmmakers Section

Short films selected for the Young Filmmakers 2024 Section

Below you can consult the Young Filmmakers Section of Skyline Benidorm Film Festival 2024.


2023. Spain

An afternoon of rehearsal at the Aina community theater, a twelve-year-old girl named Aina discovers that her friends are leaving the acting group. Fearing growing up and drifting apart from them, she is unwilling to accept that things are changing.


2022. Spain

You never know where you’ll find a true friend.

Analog Z Love

2023. Spain

A girl narrates through audio the story of how she met another girl at the bus stop. How does one go from being a stranger to becoming your center of attention?

With those from the bench

2023. Spain

The possibility of not fitting in on his first day of school as the new kid is one of Oliver’s biggest fears, our protagonist.

Sons of Will

2023. Spain

Manu, a young boy, finds himself discontented with the world. In his search for solutions, he falls into a radical far-right group. Initially, he loves it, makes friends who treat him well, and finds answers. However, upon facing the grim, cruel, and violent reality of this world filled with hatred, he realizes he must escape from it by any means.


2023. Spain

Genís accompanies Martí, his older brother, to spend the afternoon with his friends, a group of teenagers from a small inland town. After being the victims of a prank, Martí’s group leaves the town, ready to cause mischief at a nearby farmhouse.

forget me not

2023. Spain

It transports us to Camposolillo, alongside Antonio, a solitary man. He leads a simple life, seemingly free from worries, which is thrown into emptiness when he is informed that he must leave his home.

Little Ray of light

2024. Spain

Laura is 24 years old and lives in a state of constant anxiety, feeling like routine and time are consuming her. One day in the park, she meets little Yanay, whom she initially tries to avoid but who gradually makes her see things differently, with small actions that give her the breath of fresh air she so desperately needed.

I have something to tell you

2023. España

Juan has just found out that he has dementia and is trying to think of the best way to tell his son, but nothing convinces him. He paraphrases, rearranges his thoughts and ideas several times, getting frustrated because he can’t find a way to express it the way he wants.