Here are the amazing judges of the screenplay contest!

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✨Introducing the incredible judges of the screenplay contest:

✍️ Paula Sánchez Álvarez: Fiction screenwriter, with experience in series such as Yrreal (Playz) and shows like Llámalo X. She has worked in advertising and fiction development at Mediacrest. Paula made her directorial debut with the short film Co-Haunting, which has won several awards.

✨Santi and Pablo: Graduates of the Master’s in Fiction Screenwriting for Film and Television. Santiago Cardelús has developed series for Mediapro Studios, written for Servir y Proteger, and Los Artistas. ✍️ Pablo Manchado is a screenwriter at Plano a Plano, with credits on series like Cicatriz, Toy Boy, and Servir y Proteger. Together, they have written and directed three award-winning short films: Héroes, Malas Noticias, and La Piscina.

✨Gabi Ochoa: Co-writer and director of the film El amor no es lo que era. Creator and co-writer of the series Sin Huellas for Amazon Studios and Zeta Studios. Gabi has extensive experience in series development, including Ronda Sud, Ultratumba, Historias del Palmar, and Sin Cuartel. He has also worked on feature film projects such as Las Guerras Correctas and Nena.

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