These are the projects selected for the Shortpitch Skyline Benidorm Film Festival 2024

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“(No)Body” by La Fragua Audiovisual 🌌💫

“Al son de las olas” by Tarannà Films 🌊🎶

“El gusto amargo de la sangre” by Jorge Hinojosa 💔🩸

“En alquiler” by Estrela Audiovisual 🏠💼

“Incendiar la caja 6” by Big Lady Films 🔥📦

“Montecarlo 67” by Sinapsis Films 🎰🎥

“Normal” by Wiker Films 🔄👤

“Perpetua Navidad Azul” by Mariana Batista 🎄💙

“Sold Out” by La Senda Films 🎟️🚫

“Soy Falangista” by Treze Conzeta 📜👊

“Última noche en Venus” by Kabiria Films 🌌🌹

“Un mono con pistola” by Tomavistas Films 🐒🔫


Let’s enjoy a lot of talent and creativity! 🎥🍿

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