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Below you can find the selection of short films that are part of the Official National Section of the Skyline Benidorm Film Festival. Edition after edition, this festival, which is held in person in Benidorm and on the Filmin VOD platform, from April 2 to 9, carries out a careful selection of the best films in short format.

Asbestos, by Javier Marco
Ascent, by Juanjo Giménez
Chaval, by Jaime Olias
Silence Club, by Irene Albanell
Cristiano, by Adam Pichardo
When you do pop, by Edu Hirschfeld/Kevin Castellano
Dispatchers, by Aitor Padilla
On the second floor, by Marco Araujo
Farrucas, by Ian de la Rosa
Extra, by Nacho Fernández
Franceska, by Alberto Cano
Outside the Law, by Rafael Giner/Alex Cuellar
Genetic, by Laia Batlle
Impossible to say goodbye, by Yolanda Centeno
Sailor of Lights, by Pablo Quijano
Mindanao, by Borja Soler
They will not see you run, by Miguel Casanova
Red Gold, by Carme Gomilla
Outside is free, by Antoni Sendra
We Are Dust, by Estibaliz Urresola
Loose, by Javier Pereira
The monkey, by Xosé Manuel Zapata
She wolf Totem, by Verónica Echegui
One minute, by Miguel Alcalde
Work It Class, by Pol Diggler

All the information related to this selection, synopsis and trailers can be found on the Skyline Benidorm Film Festival website.

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